Rainy Day Couples Shoot in Brussels, Belgium | Brussels Couples and Engagement Photographer | Heidi Morgan Photography

Meet Maria and Adrian. I would like to show off their multi-lingual abilities, but realize this might be a sensation for us Americans alone. After all, most Europeans that I have encountered are at least trilingual. Nevertheless, Maria and Adrian are worldly. Setting even this aside, these parents of three have a trusting partnership that enabled Maria to pull off the surprise couple’s shoot with ease. We set the scene in rainy Brussels — at the Galerie du Roi — and she eagerly awaited his timely arrival for a “mystery day”.

Granted, Adrian thought he would be driving Ferraris and other exotic sports cars — not so, dear Adrian! He handled the surprise graciously and the two quickly relished in the session that they’d been hoping for.

Belgian chocolate at the infamous Mary store? Need I say more?

Each couple that I work with finds their own comfort and forgets about my presence within minutes. See how the rest of our Brussels afternoon and evening progressed. It was a wonderful way to see the “inside” of Maria and Adrian’s life.

Thanks again to Claire Morgan for another amazing European adventure. Finally, please check out Maria Lind Photography on Facebook, as Maria is doing some amazing photojournalistic work with children and families in Belgium!


Paris Wedding and Engagement Photographer | Juliana and Philippe | Heidi Morgan Photography

Welcome to a very special weekend of photos for newlyweds Juliana and Philippe. Because of their roots and family/friends around the world, this special couple had not one, not two, but three weddings last year. As for this weekend in Paris, Claire Morgan and I sought to depict their love against the beautiful Parisian backdrop. We worked with the local venues and the weather to share their love story. Although the language they speak changes by the moment, their eyes share the unspoken truth — they are madly in love. It was undeniable when they first met, and remains so today.

We began with a wonderful venue that Philippe is a longtime patron of — and introduced Juliana to once she made the move to Paris. It was quaint and both the champagne and the legendary macarons they sampled were a lovely prelude to the dinner that we all enjoyed that evening.

Philippe is a charismatic and doting husband and his entreprenurial spirit pervades his life and relationship. Juliana has a history in marketing and business and is a budding Parisian consultant. Claire and I couldn’t help but notice how passionate she is about life — and about Philippe. Are you able to feel these qualities in this ultra-romantic sequence of images?

Because the eve was young and we had big plans, Juliana and Philippe suggested a walkabout. They broke all the rules (straws in espresso cups and champers glasses? oh my!) and braved the emerging rain — stopping to browse for even more beautiful macarons!

I won’t lie to you; it was soooo hard to select from the images of this multi-faceted shoot. I would like to share, however, that many couples ask me about lighting and about weather. My style of shooting brings light where needed and works with the elements. See what you think as we played with light and weather — natural light and flash, raindrops become “starlight”. Love!!!

Au revoir, Paris!

Eiffel Tower


Paris Wedding Photographer | Juliana and Philippe | Heidi Morgan Photography

I am busily working through my shooting and editing schedule, but wanted to take a quick moment to give you a sneak preview of the to die for shoot that Claire Morgan and I did in Paris with newlyweds Juliana and Philippe.

Share some love with them as they await their photos, friends!Paris Engagement Photographer

Us Magazine | OC Housewives Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge | Heidi Morgan Photography


It is always an honor to shoot a wedding. I take great care in finding my “right couple” for Heidi Morgan Photography so that the rest just — well, flows. There is another kind of honor that is often bestowed on me, and that is of hand-selected second shooter. There are weddings that principal photographers choose not to handle alone. Sometimes these are high profile or celebrity weddings; other times, there are hundreds of guests, details or angles that must be shot simultaneously.

Recently, Christine Bentley had one such wedding. In this case, OC Housewives’ Tamra Barney and her fiance Eddie Judge were set to wed at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Laguna Beach, California. Kaitlin and I (of Heidi Morgan Photography) were asked to shoot by Christine’s side at this top secret two-day event. We were stoked to see the production that goes into a televised event and appreciated the Bravo photographers allowing us to essentially connect ourselves to their hips.

Thank you so much team Christine Bentley for the honor of shooting with you. I love the photos that Us Magazine featured from the event, and know that there are many, many more that will help Tamra and Eddie remember the abundant details at this lavish and star-studded affair.

And so it is,

Heidi Morgan


Beach Portraits | Josh and Jessica | Heidi Morgan Photography

Meet Josh and Jessica, a couple who has endured a long distance relationship for more than a year now. They met when Jessica attended college at UCSC and Josh lived locally with his family. Fast forward a few years and the relationship has bloomed to include family outings and tropical vacations, frequent flights to and from her [new] home base in Texas and Joshua’s home in Oregon.

She is on the executive track with HP and even her thoughts are well organized. Josh is a helicopter pilot with a free spirit and a smiley expression. The two love good food, good sake, and travel — oh, and Josh’s baby sister Dakotah!

This week, the pair reunited for a family holiday in Santa Cruz. We ordered perfect weather for their informal e-style session near the Crow’s Nest at Twin Lakes Beach.Seeing their expressions throughout the session, it was evident that this might be practice for an — ahem — different and more grand type of session in the future. No worries, and no pressure, Josh and Jessica!

Getting back to the shoot itself, we didn’t overly stylize it because we wanted to celebrate the local environment. Ever feel like there are a million people around but you are the only ones present? I’d imagine that this is how Josh and Jessica felt, as there were a million people around and they were the only ones featured. As a photographer, I am interested in isolating out the distracting elements; however, sometimes the distractions are part of the story. We saw people, extraneous railings, and aged driftwood throughout the beach and harbor.

Of course, to reinforce Josh’s willingness to engage in this shoot, we had to allow an occasional bite or two!

As the light changed, we just allowed it to do so; they gracefully pivoted around its dancing colors. This was the beauty of chasing the light; I loved the intimate moments between the two as the sun set. Looking back at the images now, I adore the couple’s sunset dancing and the light kisses.

Come home soon, Josh and Jessica!

S o c i a l   M e d i a