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Where else would one want to go for an engagement shoot but home? Stephanee, our oldest daughter, and her fiancé Corey brought the blended family down to visit for the weekend. Santa Cruz brought all the magic — sun for our family Boardwalk adventure and then mysterious, amazing fog just as we began this session.

I get it — some people hate fog — but not us. We welcomed its beauty and are glad that a bit of the “July fog” lasted into early August in Aptos/Seascape this year. This is one reason why so many couples enjoy the area for their engagements and destination weddings.

Although Stephanee and Corey live in Nevada, they braved the traffic for a special weekend with family. They are counting down to a special week in Hawaii next summer — going solo and their kids will be with the grandparents:)

Stephanee’s new hair color is just as she’d hoped, and it made for a nice pop of color as we shot. Check out a few of their faves!

2017-08-06_0012017-08-06_0022017-08-06_0032017-08-06_0042017-08-06_0052017-08-06_0062017-08-06_0072017-08-06_0082017-08-06_0092017-08-06_0102017-08-06_0112017-08-06_0122017-08-06_0132017-08-06_0142017-08-06_0152017-08-06_0162017-08-06_0172017-08-06_0182017-08-06_0192017-08-06_0202017-08-06_0212017-08-06_0222017-08-06_0232017-08-06_0242017-08-06_0252017-08-06_0262017-08-06_0272017-08-06_0282017-08-06_029No humans were harmed in these photos. These crazy kids!!!

2017-08-06_030Seascape Engagement Session


‘Twas a sweet treat to share in Christie and Ashleigh’s love story. These two have been together over six years, and finally made it official with not one but two awesome proposals. They said “yes” and can’t wait to be the Cali-Osgood’s.

Here is a sneak peak of the beauties. Stay tuned for more…

Boston engagement session

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Greene! This wedding is high on my list of all-time faves — not just because I know and love them, but because their details were heartfelt and so personalized, so nostalgic.

The Barn by Leal Vineyards is a rustic yet chic venue that is rather new to the Leal Vineyards venue family. It is tucked right into the border of Hollister and Tres Pinos in California. The town boasts vineyards and wine tastings that are hard to beat.


The Barn by Leal Vineyards


Stacy and Chris came together as a second chance family, each with two children of their own. They decided to honor this new “merger” by focusing on their children as the primary wedding party. This was able to be seen, and felt, throughout their getting ready moments.

2017-04-23_0022017-04-23_003For starters, Stacy’s dress had just enough bling — “gee ga” as she and her late mother, Lil, would always say. Her shoes made that bling pop. 2017-04-23_004These Badgley Mischka shoes were divine!2017-04-23_005One of the great qualities that everyone sees in Chris is his romantic gestures. Although Stacy and a treasured friend had lovingly sought out, rolled and offered unique hankies for each guest’s “happy tears”, Chris wanted Stacy to have one of her own.

Stacy’s ring was a nod to her love of florals, with the setting around her center stone coming together to form the petals of a flower.

2017-04-23_0062017-04-23_0072017-04-23_0082017-04-23_0092017-04-23_0102017-04-23_0112017-04-23_012The “almost” first look:)2017-04-23_0132017-04-23_0142017-04-23_0152017-04-23_0162017-04-23_017

Moving to The Barn venue, there were more getting ready suites just inside of where their newly restored, vintage trailer — “The Honeymoon Suite” was parked outside for touring. As the sun rose and became stronger, this turned out to be a nice place to chill for Chris, the kids and the arriving guests.


The florals were nothing short of amazing. Three words? Vintage, romantic, subtle. They served as beautiful backdrops to feature those beautiful rings.

2017-04-23_018That was not all. There WAS one surprise. Stacy’s best woman, Shauna, who was her right hand woman in sourcing out and executing the details of this amazing wedding, had lovingly tucked a photo of Stacy’s deceased Mom and Grandma into her bouquet. Oh, how they would have loved this day!2017-04-23_0192017-04-23_0202017-04-23_0212017-04-23_022Stacy and Chris designed and worked on so many wonderful pieces for this wedding. The vintage doors were a stunning way to feature the custom floral heart to frame the altar.2017-04-23_023Stacy’s son, Carson, readied her for the walk down the aisle. 2017-04-23_024Stacy and Chris chose not to see one another before the ceremony. Why? So that they could have THIS moment. Ah-mazing!2017-04-23_025


The ceremony was intimate and personalized, the tributes to each other’s children heart warming.




As the guests mingled for cocktail hour, we slipped the new Mr. and Mrs. away for a few family and then a lot of couple’s portraits.

The light was divine!




That light began to change throughout the next five or six hours. Because they had carefully selected their venue, the coordinators were able to open and close large barn doors in the venue.

As their engagement AND wedding photographer, I gasped when I saw the result of our partnership. Mike and the team at Bay Photo had assisted us with blowing up textured prints and mounting them on special boards. Stacy and Chris then slipped them into the vintage windows that they had been treasuring for this moment. Those windows were then mounted on the custom easels that Chris built and painted for the event. LOVE!

2017-04-23_035The sweetheart table.2017-04-23_036The mixed light sources were such a beautiful contribution to the warmth that emanated throughout the reception.2017-04-23_037Once again, the florals were each unique in their composition, mounted in unique teapots and vases. No two florals were the same. 2017-04-23_038King Arthur-style seating, with a center aisle for walking and interaction, was selected so that guests could all be part of the same atmosphere.2017-04-23_0402017-04-23_041Tea cups had been purchased and saved for many moons. Stacy and her best woman, Shauna, hand poured wax to make tea cup candles. They provided beautiful light throughout the reception.2017-04-23_042Each corner of the room displayed beautiful details that were specific to Stacy and Chris. These details closely resemble their home environment.2017-04-23_043In loving memory of Mom and Grandma.2017-04-23_0442017-04-23_045Vintage tea cups were also made into candles and matches to compliment the hankies that guests were given as wedding favors.2017-04-23_046In lieu of a wedding sign-in book, guests inked messages on a vintage door that featured one of Stacy and Chris’s engagement photos.

Guests were able to sign the door as beautiful moments — like the first dance — took place nearby.
2017-04-23_0472017-04-23_048Stacy lovingly planned each moment of the event — except one — her surprise. Chris memorized — and spoke to music — the entirety of a favorite of Stacy’s — Brad Paisley’s “Then”.2017-04-23_0492017-04-23_0502017-04-23_0612017-04-23_051Guests dined on — once again — unique and individual china that had been purchased by the bride and groom during the wedding planning phase. Guests enjoyed comparing their place settings as they admired the long, vintage lace table runners with scalloped edges.2017-04-23_0522017-04-23_053The bride and groom were presented with the most ah-mazing gift — Stacy’s best woman, Shauna, had created a custom globe, complete with one of their engagement photos and even a little bling on Stacy’s finger!2017-04-23_054


That light began to change throughout the next five or six hours. Because they had carefully selected their venue, the coordinators were able to open and close large barn doors in the venue. We also snuck out for a few photos as the daylight came to an end.



Special thanks to the amazing Sunder Morgan for his assistance at this event. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without you, my love!



There was so much goodness, so much eye candy, so much LOVE at Stacy and Chris’s wedding last weekend! There will be so many details and moments to share in due time. For now, here is a glimpse of their wedding at The Barn by Leal Vineyards.

The Barn by Leal Vineyards

The Barn by Leal Vineyards

The Barn by Leal Vineyards

The Barn by Leal Vineyards

We are honored to have selected our donation of the year. Heidi Morgan reached out to Nicole Brown for lifestyle shoots. We were so impressed with her resilience during challenging times that we want to help her with her medical costs and the cost of a car that can be retrofitted to meet her mobility needs. She is truly special, and we are pleased to report that she has made the best of an unexpected injury that paralyzed her.

Heidi Morgan Photography is going to donate 100% of the first two weddings that we book that meet specific criteria:

  1. Must take place in Santa Cruz or Monterey counties.
  2. The event must be full contracted, with applicable terms and conditions, no later than May 1, 2016.
  3. This offer applies to weddings and not to engagement or portrait shoots; we are doing this to help maximize Nicole’s progress towards her very important goals.

Check out some recent images and then we’ll share full details on other ways that you can help with the upcoming fundraiser. It’s less than a month away!

Nicole Brown Aptos2016-04-03_0022016-04-03_0032016-04-03_0042016-04-03_0052016-04-03_0062016-04-03_007

Last but not least, and since we will be shooting out of the country (Mallorca, yay!) during the April 23rd fundraiser, please find as follows the flier that was posted on Nicole’s Facebook page:

Nicole Brown Aptos

S o c i a l   M e d i a