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Wedding Photography in Austria | Focus and Recompose

Some define their jobs as “work” and their departure to that job as “leaving for work.” For me, work is pleasure. Aside from leaving my family, I am open-hearted and -minded when on shooting assignment. This was the case during a recent trip to Austria, where I had the opportunity to shoot alongside Claire Morgan […]

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Austria Wedding Photographer

I’m Austria bound! The boots are packed, gloves and hat alongside them. My itinerary is printed and I’m ready to check in. As always, this is how I roll: I arrive at least one day in advance of weddings. This allows me to rest weather concerns aside and to check in far in advance of […]

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Las Vegas Photographer

Imagine 16,000 photographers — all in one hotel. This was inspirational bliss and, despite a few VERY late nights, I was able to research and bring back the latest and greatest in wedding photography techniques. I also brought back a beautiful illness characterized by fever, aches, chills, and burning in my chest. I lovingly shared […]

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