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Photographer Going Blind | A Morgan Moment | Heidi Morgan Photography

Opaque San Francisco

Going blind? Definitely a photographer’s worst nightmare. One must see light in order to capture it. As a visual storyteller, I love seeing the day — and later, the images — unfold. So you can see where I am going with the incompatibility of blindness and photography. Enter Friday night, a double date. My friend […]

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Holly and Dave | Musician and Marketing Exec to Wed | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

The moment was organic – a word that San Franciscans love to utter. Holly had long loved the soundtrack for the movie Brokeback Mountain. Her friend Scott knew this, and decided to introduce her to Dave, who shared a passion for the soundtrack. Nice to meet you’s were exchanged. Frankly, according to Holly, sparks had […]

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Baby Ella and Easter | Carmel Portrait Shoot | Heidi Morgan Photography

Happy Easter everyone! It was my pleasure to honor the request of one of my favorite makeup artists — Shannon L. Woods. She and I are colleagues-turned-friends and I am honored that she asked little ‘ole ME to shoot her beautiful baby, Ella. I learned decades ago that you should never ask the age of […]

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Springtime Tea Party | San Francisco Photographer | Heidi Morgan Photography

This time of year in the Bay area, one can find stunning greenery, light winds blowing one cherry blossom at a time this way or that. It is also easy to find freshly cut grass at Golden Gate Park. What is not readily found is the kind of friendship that spans decades. Working in this […]

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We Were Young and Hot | College Roomies Reunited | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Heidi Vanessa Holly Bwalk

We were young and hot. Well, at least we were young. Don’t judge on what you are about to see — high-waisted jeans, belt cinched tight, Heidi looking like Michelle Duggar… Holly and I met at seventeen. We, along with the third leg of our friendship tripod, had it all. Jam-packed schedules, friends galore, parties […]

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