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Lake Lanier Engagement Shoot with Ashley and Walter ❘ Atlanta Wedding Photographer ❘ Heidi Morgan Photography

It was hot, honey. In fact, I almost (a) felt guilty for being there and (b) wanted to charge spectators admission. Ashley and Walter have been together for three years. This couple is a perfect blend of no nonsense details and planning and Earth-friendly care. Putting aside their work roles, it comes down to the […]

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GRANDMA LOVES YOU | Morgan Moments | Heidi Morgan Photography

I am an everyday woman, wife, mother, friend, boss, confidante, sister, daughter, cousin — and grandma. There is so much more that I want to say. For today: What Children Know and Understand Children know laughter They know tears Children know peace They know chaos Children know acceptance They know rejection Children know joy They […]

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Faces of Grief | A Morgan Moment | Heidi Morgan Photography

The suitcase and gear bag rollers ran noisily along the airport floor as I worked past my frustration at the overcharging done by a popular [four-lettered] rental car company. I’ll deal with it later, I told myself softly, anxious to get home to my hubby and kiddos. I happened upon the elevator, and that’s when […]

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Happy Mother’s Day / Georgia Wedding Photographer / Heidi Morgan Photography

Happy Saturday! It feels wrong, but my body got me up at 5:50 AM on my sleep in day. So I’m going with it, cup of coffee in hand and mother-in-law quilt on my lap. It’s just the dog and me so far, so I can’t complain. My hubby and youngest are back from a […]

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