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Happy Valentine’s Day 〡Monterey Bay Wedding Photographer 〡Heidi Morgan Photography

They call it a “macaron.” I just learned the difference between these treasures and a macaroooooon. Ask Sucre, the ultimate vendor for these treasures. Unless you want a local, homemade version. The platter herein is being carefully arranged by none other than my college student daughter, Kaitlin. She took a class at Love Apple Farms last […]

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I Know You by Heart | A Morgan Moment | Heidi Morgan Photography


I have often been inspired in my own life by those things that I encounter. I will never forget seeing the locket – shaped in a heart, opened to elegant text that read: I know you by heart. Thank you, Sarah DeShaw, for allowing me to photograph the locket at your wedding. Today, and in […]

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Proud to be an American | A Morgan Moment | Heidi Morgan Photography

Before I close my eyes on this Fourth of July, and hope that my boys are thriving at Camp in Yosemite this week, know how grateful that I am to belong. My hubby Sunder knows this feeling well, as he had taken for granted his citizenship for the last 36 years. Sunder and one sibling […]

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A Father is Made of the Heart

Stepfathers Are No Less Than Those of Blood Stepfathers are no less than those of blood: The spirit is more comely than the flesh. Equally, two mysteries might mesh, Paired by nature or by neighborhood Fathers are defined by how they love, And not by how they multiply or breed. Though you did not supply […]

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Bionic Dad | Colorado Photographer | Heidi Morgan Photography

Meet my Dad. Proud former Marine, Vietnam medic, physician, husband, brother, uncle, friend. Most importantly to me? DAD. You know the kind: Willing to give you the first, last, only bites of his beloved treat if you ask. The one who perseveres with you to make your fifth grade volcano work with the wretched dry […]

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